"One Little Ed Oughta Do It!"
CKT 203


Crazy Kidney Theatre





Production no.


Original airdate

February 18th, 2009


Enter a haunted house and find the exit first.


Jelly Trailers and Knot Boulders


Chip and Skip

Previous episode

Season 2 Is New: Part 2

Next episode

Joust Til En Garde!

"One Little Ed Oughta Do It!" is the third episode of Crazy Kidney Theatre. It originally aired on YouTube on February 18th, 2009.

Synopsis Edit

The fifteen remaining cast members have to go inside a haunted house and be one of the first two teams to find the exit first. Two team members bond throughout the challenge and learn some of the dark secrets the haunted house holds. This leads their team to victory and another team makes it out as well. At the elimination, two cast members who ended up getting lost during the challenge get voted off.

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