The following is a list of challenges on Crazy Kidney Camp and Crazy Kidney Theatre.

Crazy Kidney Camp Edit

  1. Make dicks out of cooking ingredients.
  2. Clean up most of the camp for inspection.
  3. Wear a pair of diapers for a whole day.
  4. Go to Undead Island and find buried treasure.
  5. Impersonate Edward the best.
  6. Protect Lumpus' tent from getting demolished.
  7. Judging contest; be one of the few who didn't say "die" the most in the past episodes.
  8. Swim to the end of Leaky Lake, toss an egg to one another, play a round of ping-pong, and finish drinking a root beer float first.

Crazy Kidney Theatre Edit

  1. Cook something and serve it to Mung Daal to judge.
  2. Enter a haunted house and find the exit first.
  3. Joust against Rolf.
  4. A scavenger hunt.

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