Jimmy Perkins



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Only members of the Sea Perkins


K'nuckles (sworn enemy), Flapjack


Flapjack Dub

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Revenge Of The Perkins

Episode appearances


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Jimmy Perkins is the leader of the Sea Perkins. He is also the only Australlian character in the Flapjack Dub. Like all members of the Sea Perkins do, he truly hates K'nuckles a lot for getting the gang grounded for stealing the Retarded Whale's cardboard. Jimmy is a one-time character in the show.


Flapjack DubEdit

Season 4Edit

Episode 33 0001

The remaining members of the Sea Perkins (from left to right): Rodney, Johnny, Jimmy, Ricky, and Phil

Jimmy first & only appeared in Revenge Of The Perkins. In this episode, Jimmy & 4 other remaining members (Ricky, Phil, Johnny & Rodney) took over the Storyteller's Club. Jimmy is also revealed to be the actual leader of the Sea Perkins (Ricky was believed to be the leader, but he's not). The gang were back for revenge on K'nuckles for getting them grounded in Sea Perkins & trying to befriend Flapjack. They eventually ban K'nuckles from the club & were revealed to be kidnapping the original storytellers. Because of this, the members got arrested & thowed to get back at K'nuckles one day.

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