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Doc Time is a redubbed series based on Adventure Time. The show is a spinoff and continuation of the Flapjack Dub & premiered on 4shared on July 3rd, 2010. The show starts out when the moon destroys Poopville & sends everyone into a different universe, Doc Boy & Lolly Poopoo get brought into the Adventure Time universe & go on many adventures in each episode. The show lasted for two seasons and ended on May 28th, 2011 due to the creators being done with dubs.

Show InfoEdit

  • Made by: Dark Harvest Films & Snorlax318
  • Starring the voices of: Dark Harvest Films, Snorlax318, & kpuff123abc
  • No. of seasons: 2
  • No. of episodes: 11
  • Running time: 10-11 minutes
  • Original sites: 4shared
  • Original run: July 3rd, 2010 - May 28th, 2011
  • Status: Ended
  • Preceded by: Flapjack Dub

Main CharactersEdit

  • Doc Boy (Voiced by Dark Harvest Films)

Doc Boy is a guy who used to work at the Candy Barrell in Poopville, but now wears a white cap, blue shirt, & a backpack. He also lives with Lolly Poopoo in a treehouse. He is also energetic & goes off fighting villians most of the time. He is voiced by Dark Harvest Films.

  • Lolly Poopoo (Voiced by Snorlax318)

Lolly Poopoo is a boy who used to carry buckets around Poopville, but somehow got turned into a shape-shifting yellow dog. He lives with Doc Boy in a treehouse. He uses his powers to fight off villians who try to harm & to protect Doc Boy. He is voiced by Snorlax318.

  • George "Liquor" American (Voiced by Snorlax318)

George is an old man who is claimed to be king of ice (even though he isn't married). He lives in the Ice Kingdom with his penguins (one of them is named Gunter). He steals princesses all the time so that he won't be lonely, but Doc Boy & Lolly always stop him. He is voiced by Snorlax318

  • Veronica (Voiced by Dark Harvest Films)

Veronica is a vampire & Doc Boy's crush. She has both an evil & good side (just like Flapjack) & can change into different monster forms (one of them was a giant bat). She is voiced by Dark Harvest Films.

  • Poopicorn (Voiced by kpuff123abc)

Poopicorn is a flying unicorn & Lolly's girlfriend. She talks in the Korean language, some think it's an unknown language. She is voiced by kpuff123abc.

  • Ganon (Voiced by Dark Harvest Films)

Ganon is yet another character from the Flapjack Dub who ended up in the Adventure Time universe. He appeared in "Translator Trouble", where Lolly tried to break up Doc Boy & Poopicorn. He now has a grudge against Doc Boy ever since his first appearance in the show. He is voiced by Dark Harvest Films.


Season 1: (2010)Edit

Episode No.

Title Summary Airdate
1 Apocalypse Doc Boy, Flapjack & K'nuckles get transfered to the Aqua Teen universe & battle a Roborabbit. July 3rd, 2010
2 Companionship Bites Doc Boy & Lolly get evicted by a vampire. July 3rd, 2010
3 I Ran Out Of Wizards Doc Boy & Lolly become intressed in sorcery. July 9th, 2010
4 100 Doc Boy & Lolly hire buisness men. The other half is a Scooby Doo parody. July 17th, 2010
5 Translator Trouble Lolly's translator plan backfires, when Doc Boy starts to hang out with Poopicorn. July 22nd, 2010
6 Memories Of Poopoo Mountain Doc Boy reflects on an upsetting experience in his past and pledges to help everyone in need, but this proves more difficult than he imagined. July 31st, 2010
7 Omega E3 Doc Boy brings a video game robot to life, but its desires are warped by a piece of George's lightning. August 7th, 2010
8 Death Of A Captain Flapjack decides to escape growing up by joining the navy. 20 years later, it becomes a tragedy. (This episode takes place right before the premiere of Doc Time) September 4th, 2010

Season 2: (2011)Edit

Episode No.

Title Summary Airdate
9 Docz Doc Boy struggles to conquer his fear of the ocean & the Lagiacris. May 14th, 2011
10 Dehrek Doc Boy & Lolly help an ogre named Dehrek turn his life around. May 21st, 2011
11 Mystery Payload Doc Boy & Lolly get caught up in a murder mystery on the Excess Express & have to find out who has been killing passengers on the train. May 28th, 2011

Unfinished/Unproduced Episodes: Edit

The second season was originally intended to have ten episodes, but only three out of the ten were completed and aired. Below are a few episodes that didn't end up airing either to due to being unfinished or never entered production during the show's run.

Episode No.

Title Summary Airdate
12 8-Bit Isn't Enough The Second Time Doc Boy & Lolly enter GLaDo's game zone to defeat villians from a video game. (Only the audio recordings for this episode were completed) Unaired
13 Billy Rides Again Doc Boy & Lolly's hero, Billy Mays asks them to help people with non-violence. (Only the flashback portion of this episode was completed, some clips of it were shown off in the season two premiere trailer) Unaired
14 The Pimp King George develops an alter-ego after shaving his beard. (Planned, but never entered production) Unaired

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